September 2, 2016

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Tag Page Explosion: The Automated

Way to Build Large, Profitable and Sexy

Blogs That Will Never Get Banned!

Everyone affiliate marketer knows about autoblogging and some marketers who got on this gravy train made a killing!

A while back autoblogging was in its heyday! Churning out blogs full of scraped content and advertisements worked, and it worked for a number of years very well! Today, it works less well, much less well and most autoblogs get penalized or banned after some time.

But why doesn’t autoblogging work so well now? I think there are two main reasons.

1. Google is paying an army of reviewers to check the search engine results pages for low-quality, spammy looking websites everyday which are then flagged for review and possibly banned.

2. Google are using sophisticated algorithms to identify low quality, spammy websites which are either penalized, banned or flagged for review.

Here’s the proof. The document was leaked a while back, here it is:

That document explains to Google’s army of reviewers how to review websites properly and how to identify spam. One of the sections in that PDF (page 113) covers URL rating and asks if the URL is spam – here’s the screen shot.

google_spam (1)
If one of your blogs is flagged as spam, it will get reviewed and possibly banned depending on the quality of the content.

So, how can we create blogs now that pass manual reviews and pass algorithm checks? In other words, how can we build large, profitable blogs that won’t get flagged as spam and don’t look like spam?

After a lot of drinking, smoking, and sniffing (and some brain-storming), we came up with the solution – Tag Pages!

Google loves Tag Pages. Go to Google and type “” and you’ll see this

google_tag (1)
Google has over 700 millions pages from .com’s with ‘tag’ in the URL and most of these are typical tag pages.

Go to Google again type in “”, and you’ll see this.

Google has over 100 million pages from .net’s with ‘tag’ in the URL.If you add up all the top-level domains (.com’s, .net’s, .org’s, etc), it’s probably fair to say Google has up to 1 billion tag pages indexed! Conclusion: Google loves tag pages!But, what are tag pages? Tag Pages are typically snippets of blog posts. In other words, they are bits of duplicate content on the same page. Normally, to create a lot of tag pages on a blog you need tons of blog posts. And that’s a problem, that’s a big problem. Because if you create 1000 tag pages from just 5 blog posts, all the tag pages would be exactly the same.

WordPress’s built in tagging system is very limited. We tried but couldn’t work with it because of its strict limitations. So, we tried to find a way round it and we did.

We created our own tagging system that completely bypasses WordPress’s limited system. With our tagging system you can create dozens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of tag pages – and you don’t need ANY blog posts.

Our tagging system is called Tag Explosion and uses its own content to create tag pages based on the keywords you want. The tag pages created by Tag Explosion look great and are readable content – they do not look like spam so will never by flagged as spam by manual reviewers.

You can place banners ads on tag pages – above them, below them or even between the snippets of content. But, you can even dabble in the dark side with your tag pages (if you want): you can redirect traffic to an offer, you can frame offers from your tag pages or display presell pages – it’s up to you how you monetize them!

But, why would you want hundred, thousands or tens of thousands of tag pages on your blogs? The answer to that is very simple.

Let’s say I was promoting this Clickbank product:

And I use one of my keyword tools or to generate a lot of long-tails keywords – see below.

  • tesla energy air
  • tesla energy antenna
  • tesla energy accumulator
  • tesla energy atmosphere
  • tesla ambient energy
  • tesla alternative energy
  • tesla aether energy
  • tesla ambient energy collector
  • tesla and energy
  • tesla alternative energy sources
  • tesla energy bracelet
  • tesla energy ball
  • tesla energy box
  • tesla energy beam
  • tesla energy book
  • tesla energy blueprints
  • tesla battery energy density
  • tesla broadcast energy
  • tesla black energy
  • tesla bio energy
  • tesla energy device
  • tesla energy device for generating free energy
  • tesla energy device plans
  • tesla energy density
  • tesla energy debunked
  • tesla energy distribution
  • tesla energy drink
  • tesla energy dome
  • tesla energy disc
  • tesla energy diagram
  • tesla energy generator
  • tesla energy generator hoax
  • tesla energy generator plans
  • tesla energy grid
  • tesla energy group
  • tesla energy gun
  • tesla energy group division
  • tesla energy ground
  • tesla energy generator wiki
  • tesla energy generator review
  • tesla energy ionosphere
  • tesla energy inventions
  • tesla energy ideas
  • tesla energy independence
  • tesla energy in the atmosphere
  • tesla infinite energy
  • tesla infinite energy tower
  • tesla infinite energy source
  • tesla international energy company
  • tesla free energy ionosphere
    (The above is just a sample and I could generate 1000s more of them!)So, do I write blog posts for each of these keywords? Imagine the time it would take! Or the cost if I outsourced! So, what’s the solution?The solution is simple! I create a tag page for each of these keywords and that’s exactly what Tag Explosion does! It automates the creation of tag pages for any keywords you want.With Tag Page Explosion you can add dozens, hundreds or thousands of tag pages to your blogs daily, weekly, monthly or whenever – it’s your choice!

    Now, how much can blogs running Tag Explosion make per month? On average they will make either 2 or 3 figures per month! Sometimes, not often, you may have a blog that does four figures a month but most of the blogs won’t do this.

    So, it’s not hard with a growing number of Tag Explosion blogs to earn 4 figures a month!

    The Tag Explosion Plugin will have built-in blackhat monetization techniques – but you don’t have to use them because they are optional. These techniques will help increases the revenue from your blogs. These techniques are:

  • Redirect traffic to an offer including based on contry/referer/etc;
  • Frame an offer;
  • Display a Presell page;
  • Incentivize an offer;
    Also, inside WPBlackhat we have out own php coder. This coder will add any features you want to the plugin – you just have to ask!How much does Tag Explosion cost? Let’s be honest, you would normally expect to pay several hundred dollars for such a powerful, money generating plugin. But…The cost of Tag Page Explosion is $127 but while it in beta you can get it for $77! Once it’s out of the beta the price will be $127!Tag Explosion is exlusively for WPBlackhat members, if you’re not a member join here:

    If you’re a member of WPBlackhat and want to get your hands on Tag Page Explosion, send Crude a PM!